Bilinmeyen ve/veya yanlış bilinen, bilmeniz gereken önemli konuları sizler için ele alıyor. All of your questions are answered here.


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Hastalar bel ve boyun fıtığı rahatsızlıklarında genellikle ameliyat dışı yöntemleri araştırarak tedavi arayışına girerler. Bu arayışın nedeni ise ameliyattan çekinmeleridir. Yanlış teşhis ve tedavi şekli hayati önem taşıyabilmektedir.


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Human body is made of various cells, and they all have different functions. Most of these cells grow old and die during our life. New cells replace the dead ones by cell division. This way, a healthy, functioning body is maintained.


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They are derived from small, star shaped cells called Astrocytes. These may develop in the brain, cerebellum and spinal cord. While they usually develop in brain hemispheres in adults, they are more commonly in the brain stem in children.


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There are many factors which affect treatment options. These are tumor’s type, size and patient’s general condition. Options differ in children and adults. A specific treatment plan is made for each patient.


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Most of the people suffer from neck pain in a period of their lives. Neck pains develop due to an impairment of bones in the cervical spine, joints, discs between the spines, and muscle and ligaments around the spine.


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Traffic accidents, trauma patients, drivers, bankers etc. are potential patients. Straighter neck posture and physical improvement of neck-back region, avoiding trauma and stress on the neck, proper nutrition and physical activity...


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When conservative treatment (rest, drugs etc.) did not ease the complaints, surgical treatment is considered in order to reduce the pressure on the nerves of cervical spine and prevent possible complications (muscle weakness,,,


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There are three natural curvatures in the back and lower back. These curvatures reduce the burden on our spine and let it be flexible. Spines protect spinal cord and nerves, provide body movement. Spines are in contact with each...


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It is the sliding or overflow of the gelous cartilage tissue that functions as a pad between two spines. This cartilage piece dislocates, puts pressure to the nerve that extends our leg and foot, causing pain complaints.


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Due to unsuccessful results of classical hernia surgeries which have been used for 60 years, long time pain suffering, long recovery process, surgeons searched for better methods and Caspar and Yaşargil found microdiscectomy method 22 years ago.

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