When conservative treatment (rest, drugs etc.) did not ease the complaints, surgical treatment is considered in order to reduce the pressure on the nerves of cervical spine and prevent possible complications (muscle weakness, walking problems, urinary incontinence, impotency etc.) Modern imaging techniques of today (MRI, CT etc.) and modern surgical techniques (microsurgery) provided us with better treatments, improved patient comfort, and reduced recovery period. Not only cervical hernias, but also lordosis, kyphosis and narrowness can be repaired without any mistakes via some instruments. Patients can walk in the same day of surgery or the next day, and they can get back to work in 3 days, or a week in difficult cases.

Surgical Techniques

  • Mikroskop Posterior Servikal Foraminotomi
  • Cervical Disc Prosthesis
  • Servikal Laminoplasti ve Enstrumantasyon

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