Due to unsuccessful results of classical hernia surgeries which have been used for 60 years, long time pain suffering, long recovery process, surgeons searched for better methods and Caspar and Yaşargil found microdiscectomy method 22 years ago.
I have applied Lumbar microsurgery method to my patients for approximately 12 years. And for 7 years, I have applied endomicrodiscectomy method to my patients who are indicated.
Microsurgery method reduced recovery period and let patients get back to their routine faster; feeling of trust replaced the fear of injuries after lumbar herniation operation and not being normal again.
Patients can stand up after 6-7 hours and walk, get back to their homes the next day after surgery thanks to this method. Only a small cut of two centimeters is done and the skin surface is not stitched after the operation.
Doing surgery under the guidance of advanced microscopes provides vision of x25 x40 magnification, thus reducing the risk of damaging the nerves.
Through this method, operations are not a thing to fear; lumbar hernia patients do not feel so sorry for their diseases. Patients can be discharges on the same day or the next, and return to their normal lives in a week.
Some patients are afraid of anesthesia more than the surgery. Many of them have fear of sleeping and not waking up again. This fear is no more, due to epidural anesthesia use in lumbar hernia surgeries; lumbar hernia surgeries became easy to do. Patients can easily talk during the surgery. Also, we find the risks of general anesthesia close to zero, due to the new safer anesthetics

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