Traffic accidents, trauma patients, drivers, bankers etc. are potential patients.

  • Stress
  • Wrong acts and positions of the neck
  • Emotional intensity, weakness in neck muscles
  • Degenerative changes of the bone due to aging
  • Neck arthrosis
  • Common inflammatory rheumatismal diseases
  • Wrong posture, psychological stress, exposure to cold, tiredness
  • Long time use of computer-typewriters causes pain because you do not move your neck while focusing in one direction.
  • Housework, tailoring, cleaning, hanging curtains etc. increase neck pains. So, it is more common in housewives.

 How to take precautions

Straighter neck posture and physical improvement of neck-back region, avoiding trauma and stress on the neck, proper nutrition and physical activity, quitting smoking, doing ergonomic regulations in the work.

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