• Lower back
    – There are three natural curvatures in the back and lower back.
    – These curvatures reduce the burden on our spine and let it be flexible.
    – Spines protect spinal cord and nerves, provide body movement.
    – Spines are in contact with each other through the pads we call “discs”.
    – Discs are actually suspensions in gel intensity that prevent fraction of spines.
    – Discs’ function is to absorb the force during sitting, walking, lifting weights, spreading the weight on spines equally and transmitting that force to lower levels in a balanced way.

    Lumbar disc herniation
    – Each disc is made of two parts: Outer part made of harder fibers, soft and gelous inner part
    – Hard outer part protects the inner soft-gelous part and provides flexible movement.
    – The spine is supported by ligament and muscles apart from these tissues. Ligaments are solid bands that keep discs and spines at their places.
    – Muscles control movement, support the spine and provide solidity.
    – Spinal cord is responsible of transmitting the order of our brain to other regions of the body
    – Spinal cord ends in upper part of the lower back and gives branches to leg muscles, bladder, and genitals. These nerves provide the movement and sensation of the leg, functions of urination and sexual function.

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