Neck Pain and Cervical Hernia

Most of the people suffer from neck pain in a period of their lives. Neck pains develop due to an impairment of bones in the cervical spine, joints, discs between the spines, and muscle and ligaments around the spine.
In some cases of diseases that cause neck pain, pain is isolated in the neck. However, in some cases pain may spread to the head, back and even chest, apart from the neck. Neck movement is commonly restricted.
Complaints such as numbness of the arm and hands, weakness in hands, dizziness are common. Neck pain may impair life quality affecting the routine activities of a person.

Causes of Neck Pain

The most serious causes are cervical herniation and cervical lordosis-kyphosis. Degeneration of the disk, arthrosis in cervical spine, myofacial pain syndromes, microtraumas are the most common causes. Tumors are extremely rare. Repeated actions in bad positions and psychological stress combination cause “damage due to excessive use” condition. Working while head is bending for too long, or raising excessively, causes muscle tiredness and spasms, leading to neck and back pain. Working conditions and computer use makes it a common cause.

Cervical Herniation

Cervical Herniation, is a disease caused by translocation of the cartilage between the spines towards the spinal canal and putting pressure on the spine and nerves that extend to the arm.
Herniation can occur in the neck such as in the lower back. Discs that separate the spines are deemed half a joint. Disc is made of a gelous substance in the middle and pads that surround it. The outer pads are harder than the inner ones. Due to aging and trauma, these pads begin eroding. Outer layer becomes thinner and gets torn after a sudden action.
Gel substance slides through these tears and puts pressure on the nerves that extend to the arm, which commands the arm and makes us feel the sensation. Thus, neck-arm pain, numbness, tingling, and sometimes weakness develop. These are the most important symptoms and they require surgery as soon as possible

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