Common brain tumors are told briefly below.

• Astrocytoma
• Ependymoma
• Oligodendroglioma
• Medulloblastoma
• Meningioma
They are derived from small, star shaped cells called Astrocytes. These may develop in the brain, cerebellum and spinal cord. While they usually develop in brain hemispheres in adults, they are more commonly in the brain stem in children. A tumor in 3rd grade is called anaplastic astrocytom, in 4th grade glioblastome multiforme, in grading system.

Apart from these, there are other tumors that do not derive from the brain tissue

• Craniopharyngioma
• Pineal Site Tumors
• Hypophysis adenomas
• Cerebellopontine Angle Tumors
• Metastatic Tumors

• Craniopharyngioma :• Pineal Site Tumors :• Hypophysis adenomas:• Cerebellopontine Angle Tumors :• Metastatic Tumors :
This type develops in the area that hypophysis (Pituitary gland) is stated on. They are usually benign but they are sometimes labeled as malign because they damage surrounding tissues.

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